Second and last day for Axalp (public opened). Those two F/A-18C Hornet are opening the show with a fast and low level pass launching decoy flares.
Action ends in a fraction and the first day, surprised by them, I've not been able to take one shot with an aircraft on the frame, only “traces” ^^ (see below).
Necessary adjustments for this shot. Taking pictures at Axalp is an exercise I recommend, because the context is far from easy. The sun is always in front of the public, you have many areas completely in shadow or full sun because of mountain topography. During one pass only, while following the aircraft, you can not change your settings, moreover, the action will ends in about 2, 3s. If you press the shutter in a dark area, like here, your camera will “logically” try to overexpose (not a big deal, even better finally).

Another shot
Fails! … Smoke without fire aircraft ^^