Canon EOS 7D

Il ya quelques temps (en juin 2011), le boîtier Canon EOS 7D acheté d'occasion (850 photos) dans un état tout simplement parfait, tant esthétiquement que fonctionnellement, venait rejoindre son grand frère Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Le 7D est pour moi un compagnon idéal pour le 5D Mark II car leurs caractéristiques techniques se complètent totalement, le tout offrant une souplesse d'utilisation incomparable.

Purple Swamphen / Porphyrio porphyrio   video tutorial

Ci-après, la vidéo du travail complet de reconstruction de l'arrière-plan sur Photoshop, en moins de 20 min. Tout autre travail réalisé (ajustement de couleurs, etc.) l'aura été sous Aperture. Notez que Photoshop m'est totalement inutile pour 99,9% des photos présentées sur le site ; attention de ne pas se laisser aveugler par son nom… La vidéo n'est pas commentée. Pour toute question, j'aurais plaisir à vous répondre dans les commentaires de ce post.

Rewind|Forward Animation • Source code

Available for free: the source code of my Rewind|Forward Animation Feature. With a gesture and greatest ease, animate a set of pictures and increase the value of your content by offering to your customers a simple but real technical structure. Rewind|Forward • Animation Feature offers a wide range of uses. Whether you are a photographer, illustrator, 3D artist, web designer, trainer, etc., it will help you to showcase your own creations, training or tutorials, without ever losing sight of efficiency and simplicity for the user. Many examples in this article will be hopefully varied enough to fully appreciate the field of application offered.

Make you own candle

Who has never seen a candle end (over wick) while a significant amount of wax still remained? I'm not the kind to pick up the first nail rusting telling me that it may serve one day, but I do not like to waste and throw something that could still be used. Thus, I always keep […]

Before|After processing comparison feature

To guide and share with the most interested about photography and the post-processing it implies, I developed my own Before|After processing comparison feature. Simply move around the mouse cursor over my photos! If the raw image, without adjustments, is available, the comparison will be activated automatically. I hope to educate more people about this process inherent to photography.

Simple working figure What you need Basic principle The main reflector Cutting the flash support Mounting the flash support Mounting the flash support Flash support: inside view Gluing the reflector on his base Watch out with the painting! When the lamshade becomes a reflector When half sphere becomes reflector Reflector in reflector Diffuse the diffuser […]