The Pinnacles

Time Lapse and some video shots Quick overview Lionel find occupation during the Time Lapse by drawing aboriginal shapes on the sand Just the once will not hurt… My camera (was protected under plastic bag), after 3h of Time Lapse in a sandstorm

My Beloved Team

Here is the small team of our previous trip to Australia. Small, but the most wonderful, with Lionel and Yannick, friends that should all just be my brothers. Starting from the bottom, left to right: Yannick, Marion, Lionel and me.

Sundown on Fire

End of a day's drive and arrived in Kakadu National Park for the night. Marion took this great shot at 24 mm of the sunset that ignites the trees, and I followed his lead on the next shot, but with a telephoto lens @ 400 mm (640 mm equiv.)