One of the photos taken for my friend Christoph Vogelbusch. Natural lighting for the main part, plus a flash triggering (@ -1 EV). Ok, I admit it, with such a , you're not standing close to the subject, but… what a pleasure! About adjustments, I stuck with something natural, first because of the needs, also […]

Manly shore

A picture that does not have much fancy, I admit very willingly, except the fact that visiting Manly was very nice and I wanted to share you this little piece of coast fairly typical of the place. I hope one day to have time to prepare a short video of that day. At the same […]

Some days ago, I decided to take some pictures of the Moon, was my first time. I used my 100-400L with a 2x extender (see tags and exifs) for a 800mm focal length on my 5D Mark II. Both pictures have been cropped, so you visualize here almost a 1500mm focal length. During the session, […]

For this picture with old little bottles, dried flowers and ancient porcelain, I choose to adjust my picture with a slight cross processing. This helps giving to the picture an “authentic” aspect. However, please note that if this kind of adjustment for old things is more pleasant for our mind, in fact, it's only a […]