At mountainside

During an airshow, we often think it's best to have the longest focal length possible. The mind thinks “airplane”, and if possible, framed as large as possible on the picture. Often, it is not worse. Indeed, in presence of the ugliest weather for an enthusiast, namely blue sky and sunshine, you'd better frame tight, at […]

The Sassière Valley

That morning, I was fighting step by step to tear myself away from the snow with my 18kg backpack, then, pausing a moment to rest, this panorama offered itself to me. It was startling. Below, two adjustments, the fist is conform to my “habits of realistic post-adjustment”, the second that I enjoyed to make and […]

Waiting for my first pictures of Australia to be ready for post, here's the windy top of La Grande Motte, 3.656 m high (3.456 m for the end of the skiable area). About adjustments, I've increased the exposure a little and modify the white balance to enhance the blue tones.

Second and last day for Axalp (public opened). Those two F/A-18C Hornet are opening the show with a fast and low level pass launching decoy flares. Action ends in a fraction and the first day, surprised by them, I've not been able to take one shot with an aircraft on the frame, only “traces” ^^ […]

This is another view of the rock arch (). I used the same shooting technic as before: I intentionally overexpose my original shot. In fact, it's a photography technic where you help your camera to grab as much details as possible, because camera sensor are way mor efficient on highlight. It's also called to “expose […]

Back to my aeronautical shots, it has been a while… (but wait wait!, Bourget Airshow is coming ^^). Here's a little boy, one of the 30 and more the Swiss like to own. Well, funny enough, this aircraft is just an amazing flying machine I can guaranty this to you. Specially when it comes to […]

This F/A-18 was almost breaking the sound barrier, we can easily see the vapor cone in formation. Note the specific deformation, looking like an heat wave, drawing around the cone. Weather and light conditions was not really interesting on this shot, it was even difficult to post-process. Without such a cone, this picture destination would […]