This picture is probably my favorite from all my Bourget Airshow 2011 shots. With such a size and some low level pass, it just takes the light in an amazing way. This photo haven't been cropped and I've chosen deliberately to shot heavily zoomed (400mm — equiv. 640mm on the 7D). In fact, things was too much perfects and a flaw comes insidiously to ruins the shot. I've failed framing my shots with a lack of care (and also because it's not so easy). On the left side of my two or three pictures, the engine was cropped! Back to home, I was desperate, the picture had a tremendous potential (for me) and it was not an option to throw it! I knew I had another shot well framed but the perspective changed, clouds appears everywhere and, well, it was “different”… One solution then: post-process the picture with some heavy modifications. I've rebuilt the engine and the wing only using this unique shot and no others pictures. Others adjustments was to reduce the saturation and brightness of the sky. Hope you'll like it as much as me.